The litigation solicitors at Freeman Box are dedicated to providing expedient resolutions across all manner of civil and commercial disputes, including:- 

  • Private & Commercial litigation
  • Contractual disputes
  • Personal Injury and negligence claims
  • Landlord & Tenant disputes
  • Possession proceedings

Whether we are defending or pursuing claims, our litigation solicitors have experience in the wide-ranging disputes than often arise in one’s business or personal life – husbands and wives, landlords and tenants, employers and employees, partners, shareholders and consultants, and more.

While we proactively aim to protect your interests in a pragmatic, cost‑effective way before it becomes necessary to issue court proceedings, occasionally that particular course of action is necessary and if so, we will endeavour to achieve the objectives laid out by our clients.

Our solicitors know that with each claim, a new set of challenges presents itself and with a subtle yet effective mixture of skilled negotiation and pre‑emptive action, your matters of contention receive satisfactory and targeted results.

For more information on Litigation, or to speak to a solicitor regarding a specific issue, please contact us today.